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"I absolutely love living here it's a great location with everything I need right here Emails are sent out frequently so I know what's going on, and we have not had any problems with appliances or anything."

Anna C.
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"Midtown is a clean college friendly environment. — I love living at Midtown. Everyone here is very welcoming. It's a short drive to campus and a shuttle is offered if needed. Perfect for college students."

Brittany W.
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"Beautiful except for animal leavings — I hope you enjoy almost stepping in dog feces. Amazing house though."

Tre M.
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"Homey and pleasant — clean, quiet and nice"

Grace D.
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"It is good but can use improvement — It’s very nice and you get a lot for what you pay for"

Lauren S.
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"I am reviewing this as the mom of a tenant who pays the rent. I was having technical difficulties with our payments and unable to make it this month. I was surprised to receive an eviction notice in the mail yesterday. I felt it was a bit aggressive after being only 5 days late. It caused a great deal of unneeded anxiety for my son and myself. I had already left several messages with the property and had received no response. I was finally able to reach Dillon this afternoon at the Auburn location. Dillon was was able to quickly resolve my issue as well as provide excellent communication and customer service. His professionalism and friendly demeanor were greatly appreciated."

Carrie N.
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"Midtown has made my life extremely easy. They are so professional and helpful and know every residents name I would recommend Midtown to any friends, work colleagues, or family members. The level of professionalism and care they have for their residents is something that I've never seen before"

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"The best place to live in Auburn AL Extremely nice and clean with so much stuff to do"

Jenna H.
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"This Community is Great Just needs better contractors. — I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Midtown. The maintenance guy, Jesus, is incredibly nice, but sometimes struggles with getting things done on time, as he is the only one for this entire complex. The contractors who built my unit did so very sloppily, however, Midtown has thus far done a good job correcting the mistakes made by the contractors. I am paying less here for a nicer Unit, Community, and 400 more square feet than my former place, so I would call that a success."

Noah N.
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Edwin S.
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