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WiFi, water, access to amenities, maintenance, trash, lawn care, and parking are all included in the rent. Electricity and gas are the responsibility of the resident.

Yes, we hand match all residents to ensure that the roommates are compatible.

No, we allow anyone to live in Midtown who meets the qualifications.

Yes, we are pet friendly 🐶❤️! Residents must pay a deposit plus a monthly pet fee and there is a maximum of two pets per unit.

After you sign a lease, you are required to pay the $150 administration fee and 1/2 month’s rent, which is held as a security deposit. Both of these are due upon lease approval.

Our lease agreements are installment based, with a total contract value broken down into twelve equal installments. The total contract value is established by a daily rate, multiplied by the number of days of occupancy. This is then divided into twelve equal installments so that your rate does not change based on the number of days in the month. Each installment is due on the first of the month, including August 1st. The total contract value can be paid in full at the beginning of the lease, but this will not result in a discount.

Yes! We require all residents to carry at least $100,000 in minimum coverage. All residents are automatically enrolled through our partner program with Foxen and a $14.95 charge is added to your resident account each month to cover this. Residents may also opt out of Foxen by providing their own proof of coverage from a 3rd-party insurance company.

Yes. Guarantors are required and can only be bypassed if you pay the first and last 2 months upfront, plus all required deposits.

A guarantor is an individual who co-signs the lease documents with the primary resident and ensures to uphold the financial obligations of the lease if the primary resident were to default in any way. The guarantor is typically a parent, relative, family member, spouse, or close friend, but can be anyone who is in good financial standing and can meet the required qualifications.

Individual liability leasing is often referred to as “by the bed” leasing. This means that you are only responsible for your bed space, bathroom, and shared common areas. Only your name will appear on the lease agreement. If your roommate decides to skip, sublease, or causes any damage, this will not become your responsibility.

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